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Granular Sub-Surface Preparation 
Proper preparation of the sub-surface is critical to the long term success of your project.

The ideal sub-surface for the duraPLAY KrosLOCK system is properly cure concrete or asphalt. The KrosLOCK system was also designed to be installed over a properly levelled and compacted sub base of 3 to 4 inches of aggregate of the correct size, type and consistency, followed by a minimum 1 inch layer of properly levelled and compacted (1.4 inch minus) “chip & dust” or “granite screenings”.

Due to the importance of proper sub-base preparation, sofSURFACE has created this separate instructional guide specifically addressing the correct sub-surface preparation techniques required to obtain a surface suitable for a tile installation.

By investing a few minutes in this manual you will save valuable time on the project, while avoiding some of the most common errors associated with the base installation.